Youth Lifting Camp

For Athletes 6th to 8th Grade

8 Sessions over 4 weeks. Learn techniques and skills to maximize your weight training experience.

Develop Strength, Explosive Speed and Agility!

Arvada Youth Lifting Camp » Strength 2 Strength
Arvada Youth Lifting Camp » Strength 2 Strength

11/27 to 12/20 > 8 Sessions

Register by Thursday, November 17th!

Sign up by Thursday, November 17th!

Youth Lifting Camp

Two Sessions per week (8 total) - Cost is $90

Forms and Facility Rules

Please read the following and ensure your forms are filled out!

  • Age Requirements

    Participants must be in 6th, 7th or 8th Grade

  • Individual Release Form (click here)

    Each participant must fill out a Release Waiver form before entering or using the facilities.