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Use our facilities to sharpen your team’s hitting and pitching skills in both live and virtual environments.

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Jason Oswald - Director of Baseball/Softball

Jason has over a decade of experience in strength and conditioning and works with athletes of all sports, especially baseball. His philosophy is to always challenge his athletes to not only work hard inside the gym, but outside as well. “Having a proper mindset in what your goals are creates routine and which in turn creates belief.”

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Batting Cage Rental

$35 for first hour Rental for one Batting Cage. This rental includes an hour for one batting cage (40 ft. Hitting Cage, Throwing Net, Fielding turf, Plyo ball/MB wall). Choose up to 4 hours and receive bigger discounts!

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Win VR Rental

$60 for first hour Rental for one Batting Cage. Want to create game-like reps during the offseason? Use our Virtual Reality Training System. This state of the art system has 20 different training programs giving you over 100 live hitting reps in one hour! This allows hitters to work on deficiencies that can only be addressed with live pitching. See for more information.

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PitchLogic Bullpen Rental

$35 for the first hour. Take your bullpen sessions to the next level with PitchLogic technology. This cutting edge baseball provides all the feedback pro and college scouts use today. Now you can get feedback even if you don’t have a catcher to throw to! See for more information

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Full Facility Rental

One hour slots available for exclusive team access to batting cages as well as our full range of training and performance equipment. (3,600 sq ft). Larger discounts for additional hours!

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Full Facility and Performance Training

Two Hours, including one hour of performance training by one of our certified strength and conditioning specialists, as well as one full hour of facility rental. (40 ft. Hitting Cage, Throwing Net, Fielding turf, Plyo ball/MB wall).


Instructor / Coach Rentals Available

Are you a coach or instructor looking for a place to run your sessions? Please email Jason (here) for more information about rates and time slots.

Forms and Facility Rules

Please read the following and ensure your forms are filled out!

  • Individual Release Form (click here)

    Each participant must fill out a Release Waiver form before entering or using the facilities.

  • Facility Rental Agreement (click here)

    Leaders must fill out and sign the Facility Rental Agreement prior to the date of their session.

  • Baseballs, Softballs & Bats

    Teams and individuals must provide their own baseball or softballs and bats.

  • Protective Gear

    Use of protective head equipment inside the cages is required.

  • Age Requirements

    Participants must be 18 years or older (or accompanied by an adult).