About Us

W​e created S2S for athletes of all ages, levels and sports. Our mission is to produce and refine athletes in all aspects of life.
Strength 2 Strength

Tommy - Founder

Tommy Flanagan founded S2S in 2016 with the goal of teaching and training athletes to excel at movement, balance, explosion, speed, power and strength. His mission: Transform athletes' bodies and minds so they can reach their reach full potential. Tommy was a stand-out athlete at both the high school and collegiate levels, earning numerous awards playing high school footbal including All-State, All-Colorado and League MVP. At the college level he gained All-America status.

Strength 2 Strength


Mandy grew up in Colorado playing football with her brothers and dad in the backyard. She went on to play several sports and excelled as a collegiate cheerleader. She states, “I can only imagine the skills and athletic performance I would have achieved with better training, recovery and nutrition!” This is why she is so passionate about helping others achieve progress and educate them on how to become a better athletes and healthier humans. She is committed to helping athletes become strong in mind, body and soul.

Strength 2 Strength


Gavin serves as a Strength and Conditioning coach to all athletes at Strength 2 Strength. He played football at Towson University and then went to train primarily high school lacrosse athletes under Jay Dyer. After almost 3 years with the Teams’ USA Lacrosse Strength Coach, he pursued training at the collegiate level completing an internship with The University of Southern California’s Strength and Conditioning program. Gavin then went on to solely train the Men’s Basketball team at The University of Tennessee Martin as a graduate assistant before coming to Strength 2 Strength. Gavin holds a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, his CSCS and USAW. He is on schedule to obtain his master’s degree in November 2020. Gavin is originally from Baltimore, Maryland.

Strength 2 Strength


Jason is a proud Colorado native who was a multi-sport athlete at Green Mountain High School. He excelled in baseball where he was offered a scholarship to play for the University of Indianapolis. After his eligibility, he then transferred and finished his degree at Metro State University of Denver where he received his BA in Human Performance and Sport with a minor in Nutrition. Jason has over a decade of experience in strength and conditioning and works with athletes of all sports, including: collegiate and professional athletes in Baseball, Hockey, Football, Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, and Track and Field. He also is the founder of Puremix Sports Nutrition which he started in 2013. He has always had a passion for developing athletes of all levels. His philosophy is to always challenge his athletes to not only work hard inside the gym, but outside as well. “Having a proper mindset in what your goals are creates routine and which in turn creates belief.”

what sets us apart

We started S2S in order to produce and refine athletes with respect to their whole – mind, body and spirit. If we are going to take athletes to the highest level that they want to be at, we must first understand that they are a whole athlete, on and off the field or court. We must seek to understand how they view the game as well as how they view themselves. My job is to train them to be physically capable of producing the highest level of play and decision making. 

We do not believe that there is another training facility out there that is as intentional as we are with each of our athletes who walks through the door. They are more than just numbers to us and they will be treated that way. From a professional standpoint, sports are solving problems with movement. Facilities are not training athletes to become better decision makers. The decision making process starts with the brain, their behavior, and then their biomechanics. (most just train biomechanics)